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Power Plant  energy production investment made ??by domestic and foreign enterprises supported by the Iranian government ..
Commercial and Cultural Activities
Construction - Building  Please contact us to request for construction and project work
Mining industry  Mining and Mining in Iran is mentioned, and among the first names that comes to mind
Project  specific cooperation projects, our Company can .. Project jobs require specific follow-up system and special .. So your partner must select the.
Consultants  market research and R & D Iran is impossible due to the closed economy, but it is among the potential markets ..Machinery and technology needs constantly maintains its importance in our region...Provided benefits and the legal provisions for foreign investors in the region make it an appealing with each passing day
Technology Transfer - Know how
Türk İran Stars Company

 About us;

Termsof trade in iran and points awarded for foreigners and market research, represantion, obtaining licence and technology transfers-particapition in investment and in many of hobse matters can take advice from our company..

Foreign invesment in iran has different solutions,

Here of we can give you advice..


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 Here of we can give you advice; Before a final decision please use our advice, Companies who have consulted with us get a good result..
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Project consultant
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